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Hey everyone,

Thank you for bringing this up. I am asking for information for yall. We will keep you updated in this topoc.

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Hello everyone, this does seem to not be intended. We will be trying to fix that as soon as possible (current target is next patch). Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.

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Thank you for asking this question in a normal, human way.

We currently don't know the answer to this question, because we just confirmed that this is bug with the dev team just after the release was done on the NA cluster. However, the release ops team is still deploying the update on the remaining clusters. After that is done tomorrow they will look at what's broken and what the timeline for an expected fix can be - this will include other issues, not just the nerfed AP damage for FdG and GK. Our current estimate is based purely on standard process: bug is identified and the plan is to fix it by the next patch at the latest.

An important consideration is also how critical the issue is (this is not very critical in terms of impact on overall player experience) and whether the fix ETAs for multiple bugs coincide, so that we can bundle them together. Between these two factors it's more or less likely that we will decide to release an interim patch, because each release is a risk. So we hope to have a better idea of whether we can do it sooner in a couple of days.

Hope that gives more context for the way this works.

Also, the rest of the comments here are toxic or trolling, so i am locking it. If this is an important issue please make a new one and keep it on topic, just like SuperSSL.

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Please see this post for an update.

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