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Hybrids are going to be more about their utility, so aim to play off of that as opposed to focusing on one aspect of her.

As far as tips in general go:

You want to be facing the enemy. - Your gun angles do not favor kiting. Also, your "Carrier Section" is a giant target made of 26mm plate, so that's out waiting to happen.

If you're in position, don't be afraid to reverse while tanking. - You have quite a bit of healing on her. As long as you aren't focused too hard, you'll be able to absorb a lot of punishment while holding a section of the map.

Planes don't hurt much, but they're great Recon tools. - DD slipped through on your flank? You can spot her for your team or to warn you of where the torps are. You're not made to be the heavy hitter... you're the utility army knife.

The Main Guns are floaty, but accurate. - Just having presence means that Cruisers really do need to hide from you. They can take advantage of your main guns being offline while you fly around, so make sure your plane usage has a purpose, otherwise you want to be hitting home with shells.

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