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As much as i get the sentiment, we can't "just do that", because it's part of the monetization and economy cycle of the game. We need to crunch a lot of data to evaluate a change like that, but as pointed out above we are not fully against such changes - it just takes time to figure it out and create an environment where that change won't impact the game systems negatively, so that it can impact the players positively.

As I've said in other threads yesterday - please don't expect me to be here every day. I simply can't sustain that, because i have a bag of other tasks. However, we will get our NA Community team re-staffed and I will set up regular community time to remain connected.

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If people will constantly be taking what i say out of context then i will just stop talking. I am happy to talk about technical possibilities for the future, but it needs to be understood that the fact that something technically can happen does not mean it should, will or that it would be good if it did.

That is why i went on stream and why i am here - because i believe that i can give you guys a deeper understanding of what the game looks like behind the curtain, with the bits and pieces I can share on certain elements (on some more, on some less).

As for the retraining back to previous ships - i can suggest that to development for discussion.

Every system has its impact. Regardless of whether boxes or random bundles made X or Y in a given month, a doubloon sink also contributes to balancing the economy of the game.

I tend to agree that modules would probably have a lower impact just off the top of my head. In any case i can suggest those together as quality-of-life improvements and the economy designers will tell me which has more impact.

Just please keep in mind that currently we are all focused and working on the commitments that we put out. Specific feature discussions like this will have to wait a few weeks, when we've squared all those new processes away and have the capacity to discuss and research things like this.

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