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Even if you don't like a class in the game, making someone else's battle a crap experience is never the right thing to do. Regardless if it's a new class, or an old class, a recently changed class or anything else in the game. They might think the same about your main class.

Since friendly fire is removed, a salvo or two at the start of battle doesn't mean much if you then go about your business and focus on making the life of the red team difficult.

However, the line is thin and if you go into name calling or persistently take actions that prevent another player on your team from playing their battle, like blocking them or shooting them persistently, then that's just griefing. Don't be that guy

Please report griefers to our CS with a replay of the battle.


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You're right. I corrected that. Forgive me for being a slavic barbarian - I will learn.

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While we did say that for a long time, the game moved on since then and we figured out how we wanted to conceptually do it. Both positions are not mutually exclusive and it is natural that the game will evolve over time.

It's also not true that the majority of players do not want subs in the game or that there were no people who asked for subs to be introduced.

Trying to legitimize griefing players in this context by saying "your game content made me do it" is all sorts of messed up.

I do agree with that last part - in the end we are talking about behavioral choices, so even if we prevent the impact of some of them through mechanical changes, players will just find different ways to grief around the new mechanics.

If that happens, do let the Community Managers on here or in the official discord know about it. Our policy is that the CS team should react to reports of griefing that contain replays. The only caveat is that if griefing is only purely verbal, then we generally just catch that through combing all players' chat logs.

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That is not what i wrote though. What i said as that just like you are now vocal about not wanting subs, since alpha we have had people across the world voicing an opposite opinion - that it would be cool to have subs in the game. Except for the longest time we didn't know how to deliver that and therefore said we had no plans to do so.

You (and a few others) seem to think that because you are very vocal about submarines in the forums that means that majority of players do not want subs in the game. Let's for a second entertain the notion that 50% of the people who visit the NA forums every month share your opinion - which they don't. The amount of unique forum accounts who visit the NA forums every month (on average) is ~1.7% of the unique active accounts who play every month on the NA server. The amount of people who actually react to anything on the forums (post, emote, etc) is around 40% of that number of monthly forum visitors - the rest just read. So please unhorse for a second.

At the same time, when we tested the concept of subs with the Halloween mode, the majority of active players across the world participated in the event. A large sample of those players got a survey and most players answered positively to the implementation of subs they had played. This was repeated with every iteration of sub testing. Interestingly, with the first iterations of the sub test the survey results were more than 50% negative and players cited specific gameplay items they didn't like. Over the subsequent iterations the survey results went to about 50/50 and then to mostly positive (still with minor balance concerns being quoted) and they have remained positive.

Yes, i get that it looks to you that a lot of players around you don't like subs, and that is indeed your feedback, but the simple fact is that this is not the only channel to gather feedback and you are not the only voice that matters.

We did already test guided and unguided missiles - before the introduction of Neustrashimy. In that early test guided missiles were effectively kamikaze carrier planes with high speed and inertia that always scored citadels with insane damage. Fun, but broken. Unguided missiles were basically HE shells with a really big payload, slow speed and a weird ballistic arc. Boring and almost impossible to hit anything.

We might test more iterations of those mechanics in the future and who knows - maybe we'll find a way that works, is fun and not broken. Personally, I doubt it.

I'm sorry that you don't like the way the game has developed. Maybe in the future we'll develop a part of it closer to the paradigm that you specifically care about and you can enjoy more of that.

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