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Originally posted by Ming:
Originally posted by Confector426: Look, I understand the heat map, but seriously. I didn't even have time to place down 4 blocks to try and start building a house without getting a screamer every 30 seconds.

That's just way over the top. If they want to force us to a nomad only playstyle, then they need to remove crafting altogether.

As it is, the game is unplayable to me unless i find a way to tone this down without killing the entire idea of the game.

In the time it took me to write this, 7 screamers have spawned.

That is ridiculous. And to think i removed my rant review of this game
Something is seriously screwed up with your files then, or you are out right lying. I have over 300 hours in A19 and what you are saying doesn't happen.
No offense to the OP, but Ming is 100% correct here. What you are describing is not possible given the nature of the heat system. Either you've got some screwed up data, or it's a mod you're using causing it.

You would not see this kind of activity unless you have a forest of torches up, or a few forges/workstations going with a lot of building activity. Note that if you're especially noisy in killing the screamer and their spawned group, you're just going to raise the heatmap even more and get more screamers. To end it, kill the screamers first and fast.