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I appreciate that you feel shafted, but, you appear to be missing a great deal of context behind the situation at hand.

There's a lot more details and specifics you can find on the subject; But the basic TLDR is that Console users have unfortunately ended up a little shafted by the original console publisher Telltale Games panic-releasing that console version as a completed title in a bid for quick cash before they ultimately went bankrupt.

Due to Telltale Games' decision to officially release the Current console version as a complete product in a panic while they were going bankrupt
Microsoft & PSN's store rules that prohibit game updates for completed games that would invalidate or break existing saves
How every major alpha version since A15 has broken save compatibility (The existing console version is based on A14+some bits pulled from A15 and A16),
the result is that
The devs literally can't update the existing console version to be at parity with the PC version.

It's not an option. Telltale Games ruined that for us. So the only option is to re-release it; And at least as things are currently playing out, that means console users will have to purchase the new in-house version of the title, albeit with a discount(of unknown size atm) for owners of the original console version.

The Fun Pimps aren't faultless in this situation, to be sure; They ultimately are the ones that made the decision to publish through Telltale Games. But, at the time they made that decision, It was from all angles a good decision- Telltale Games had become a giant of a publisher very quickly and was riding on the success of The Walking Dead game series and more besides, there was no apparent outward signs that a bankruptcy was imminent for them, and they kept it so tightly under wraps that even the TTG employees were thrown for a loop when the company suddenly shut down around them all at once.

Telltale Games however is pretty much the sole reason that the existing console version stopped receiving updates, and that updating the current console version isn't an option,