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Originally posted by Kauldric: Very cool, but, what exactly are we looking at it?
It's an intersection from the new RWG city generation.

Jost kind of left out the link to the source.
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Originally posted by ⚜ JOST AMMAN ⚜: I was wondering if this screenshot also means that cities/towns will have more wandering zombies in A20... any thought on this?
If you check the dev videos, and their comments in the dev diary, you will get some hints about how this will work. :munchies:
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Originally posted by Desolator: looks... alright I guess. But I don't see what this offers over random map gen tools that have been out for a while now.

All the new procedural doodads - sidewalks, streetlights, mailboxes, fire hydrants, and other things not shown yet - combine to make a city feel like a city. What we have in A19 now is just a patchwork ‘quilt’ of POIs by comparison. I’m not aware of any RWG tools that do what A20 is doing.

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