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Possible cause for most of this. Your ping to the server is higher than 50ms.

With that said though. It's probably a good thing this isn't designed to be a PvP game.
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Originally posted by vgifford:
Originally posted by Ron TicklePuff:
Nope. lol If you play and have someone play the same server within the same house hold or even LAN you'll see it. I had no idea it was that bad as I've only played online with friends from other places, Never in house. Then I asked around on servers, It was in fact that bad. People just don't speak on it much as you can't tell til you do what I've did. The animation delay is petty bad. I could look at the ground quick on my screen, Mean while, On theirs, You'll see a pretty good almost slower to the point its 500ms behind. That's even LAN.

People wanna ignore it and not talk about it apparently.
No offense intended, but are you certain it isn't a hardware issue?
Well based on the information they've given elsewhere, Here is what they are running with...

CPU AMD Ryzen 5 1600 AF
RAM 16gb 2400
GPU AMD Radeon RX 5700

So they have one of the most budget CPU's you could get in 2017. It benchmarks about on par with a low-end Intel i9 laptop CPU, It's a wee bit faster only because of the AMD memory controller being much better than Intel's.
Information he has posted in other games shows a pretty serious CPU bottleneck in this system.
This CPU has very little overhead for overclocking, so even attempting that isn't going to net much in the way of gains.

Add to that the quite pathetic 5700, and you've got a recipe for disaster.

The issue the OP is experiencing is almost certainly a result of hardware limitations.
He complains about similar issues in games like Heat, Scum, and Conan which are not nearly as demanding of the CPU as 7 Days is.

I ran some tests on the following system, and was not able to achieve similar results until I got on a server with a ping higher than 100ms with system temps around 80-85C causing the CPU and GPU to underclock. Even then, the effect was minimal, and only when I was stressing the loading of voxels. As soon as I got the temps down into the 70's, the issue went away for the most part.

Acer Predator G9-793
CPU i7-7700HQ
RAM 16gb 2400
GPU GTX 1070 8GB
HDD Two m.2 SSD's in RAID-0
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Multiple posts deleted. We treat each other with respect on this forum. Thread closed.

If you want to raise awareness over this issue, the official forum’s bug report system is the best place to contribute. Sending you there is not ignoring a problem, by the way. That’s exactly what’s needed to get a problem fixed.