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Originally posted by God Bless The Dead: Here is the recording to the live 1.0 stream from Fubar_Prime that happened a few hours ago, I'm just posting it here as it seems many people missed the stream and couldn't find a video for it.

We didnt "miss it"

It wasnt worth watching.
There was literally like a dozen different people going, paraphrased, "omg where is the vod, the stream didnt happen, AAA THE WORLD IS ON FIRE". Maybe it wasn't worth watching for you. But there were people who wanted to watch it who couldn't because the VOD wasn't up right away.
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The developers love to share things about their game and are always excited to do these streams but they are by no means professional actors or media personalities. If you can't get past the amateur level of stream hosting and presenting, dislike the horsing around and having fun, and simply want the info without technical difficulties then I suggest watching a recap video done by a professional streamer. Guns, Nerds, and Steel have an excellent video up already that streamlines the information very well and also points out some easter egg details not intentionally shown by the developers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlIv_jdlYGA

For those who do like raw footage by regular people talking and celebrating and joking and having technical difficulties while sharing what they've been working on then I'm sure you will enjoy the full original video.