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You can! Just press C while on a 2-wheeled vehicle.
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Originally posted by Kara: People saying you can wheelie, it is no longer functional. Try climbing up a simple hill. You have to put the powerful vehicle in your pocket and walk up it...I'm sad...

I’ve climbed many a mountain on a bike in previous alphas (usually to retrieve an airdrop, or clear fog of war on the map). It was never easy, with or without the little hop function. I just checked it in A21, and I can climb hills - what the RWG actually calls hills - with no problem on a motorcycle.

For mountains, I seriously consider going around. Because, like with any version I can recall since the introduction of more vehicles, coaxing your way up just isn’t very fun, except to prove you can out of spite.

It’s one of the few ways terrain actually affects traversal. I say there should be places you can’t simply drive over. Otherwise the features of the landscape are largely meaningless: pretty, with no gameplay implications.

I get into and out of my base via a ramp of wedge shapes. The motorcycle does slow down on an incline that steep, but it doesn’t stop. If you gun it (with the sprint key), you maintain a good speed. The little hop does seem to marginally help, so I’ll try to remember to incorporate that too.