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Originally posted by ZombieCo: -I dislike the skill tree changes which make the game feel bland and generic. No player specialization is necessary. You can just loot your way up the tree.

Believing this is a trap. If your group does not specialize by trading magazines with each other so that only one person is reading any one particular magazine then you will find yourselves stuck half-way up the ladders of the magazine progression. The magazines are simply for crafting so you don't need to have everyone learning the same redundant recipes. If everyone gives one guy all the cooking magazines they find (for example) then he will quickly learn all the recipes and be able to cook for the group. But if everyone just reads every cooking magazine they find themselves then it will take forever for anyone to even be able to cook bacon and eggs.

Specialization is definitely an advantage and I'd even say necessary with the new system.
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Originally posted by ZombieCo: 1 step forward 8 steps back and I guarantee beyond the few trolls that are spamming each of these threads, the majority HATE these changes. Youre going to see it in the reviews.

A21 has been out for about 9-10 months now and positive reviews are at 88% positive. You may have just tried A21 for the first time recently but the reviews have been out there for 9 months now and I guarantee that beyond a few negatives the clear majority still regards the game in a positive light.

I'm sure someone will come along to put a conspiracy theory spin on the numbers but if you simply interpret them in the most straightforward way, the evidence is against your opinion that the majority hate all the new changes.

It's hard to fault the developers for sticking to their changes when the overall community is sending them such a clear signal.

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