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Sledge turret is one of those things that you either know how to use and it's hilariously overpowered, or you don't and it's awful.

Both the sledge and junk turret are not really 'early game' weapons unless you find them by chance, They're the only weapon in their class and each serves a different purpose for a person specced into the turret skill line.
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Originally posted by lalala: Okay, so sledge turret is not intended as T0 thing, like wood speer or so? Then it makes sense... I was thinking about using the sldge at some choke point or place it near a door early, since afaik Zs don't attack and destroy them ^^
That is a decent way to use them, yes. Zombies WILL attack them IF the sledge turret obstructs their path, and may accidentally hit it while attacking things nearby it but do not really directly target them.
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Originally posted by lalala: Okay thanks. that clears it. I must have gotten it wrong somewhere. I recall it being a "early version of the junk turret". But I'm fine with it as it is too then, if its later also viable with mods etc. I will try to figure out some use ;P
After a fashion it sortof is- But, both are completely viable in mid to end game content.

In the scheme of things, Using spears as an example you have
Stone Spear, Iron Spear, Steel Spear which you get access to in early/mid/late game respectively.

Junk turrets are similar, But lack a 'T1/0' counterpart.
It's , Sledge, Junk; You'll typically find a sledge turret in loot well before finding a junk turret. So in that sense, it is an 'earlier' version of a junk turret.

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