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Hello all πŸ™‚

More an info than a problem (at the moment) :

in your main inventory will be able to see up to 600 runes max, the other ones are hidden :
we need to sell some runes to see the "invisible" ones in the main inventory

At the moment it doesn't seem to make problem with selling runes :

Neither doesn't seem to make some problem with equiping runes :

Nice day to all πŸ™‚

16 days ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

@azullfr Thanks for reporting this, can you please provide a video as an example.

And to confirm you can see all of the runes that you own when selling them and you are still able to equip any of them to your weapons/gear, its simply only an issue when scrolling through the runes in your inventory screen?

16 days ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

@azullfr Thanks for clarifying that for me, I will forward this on to the development team.