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Hi there, on PC here with latest update 1.6.1. I'm trying to complete all the mysteries of Hamtunscire and currently trying to complete the Needles anomaly. I get to the point where you slide down two ramps, then jump onto a block below. When I land on the block, it kills/restarts me. I'm not hitting the red wave or anything. I have tried exiting, restarting, and trying again, only to get the same issue. I've watched videos on Youtube of people jumping onto the block just fine. I also thought the block alternates between safe/unsafe but no it never changes. What's weird is I can grab the edge and hang off just fine but can't complete the challenge that way. If I edge jump to another block and climb up, it kills me too.


Am I just being a [censored] and missed something or is this a bug of some kind? Anyone with any pointers? Thanks in advance.

5 months ago - Ubi-Greybeard - Direct link

Hey @Ostego160 ! Welcome to Discussions!

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the Needles Anomaly!

I've checked your video, and while it doesn't look like you're doing something wrong, I believe you're jumping off the second slide a bit early (around mid-way down). While it normally "shouldn't" make any problems, as you land on the platform, I believe jumping when you're closer to the end of the slide, might actually solve it. I recall not having this issue when I completed it, but I'm always waiting for the last second to jump off.

Let me know if that helps! If it doesn't, we'll of course take your info and forward it to our devs to look into it more in-depth!

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@Ostego160 Thanks for the update!

If you've not already then please run through our basic troubleshooting, and then let us know if the issue remains unsolved so that we can send up a bug report! 🙂

5 months ago - Ubi-DeskLamp - Direct link

@Ostego160 Thanks!

In that case, please make sure your save file is/has been uploaded to the cloud so that we can report this up! 🙂