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Hallo my name is Michael,
now I played the end of AC Valhalla DLC Siege of Paris for the second time but did not get the reward for completing the DLC. I tried with different save files, with different decisions but nothing it does't worked. The weekly challenges are still updating but not the core challenges. So, what can I do about it. Please can you help me or tell me where I can get help. Very sad about this. 😞

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@Mihi_21 Hey there! I'm sorry to hear you're having issues unlocking a core challenge for the Siege of Paris DLC. To confirm, is the core challenge you're having issues with called "France's Saga"? Did you get the trophy for completing the Siege of Paris campaign? Also, are you playing on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5? Thank you!

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@Mihi_21 No problem, thank you for your feedback !

Enjoy the game, and if you have questions, or for any other Issue, don't hesitate to let us know !

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