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Hi there Ubisoft Forums,

I meant to send this directly to Ubisoft support but it seems like only the live chat was supposed to be available but now that is disabled as well so I thought I'll try to contact someone here.

I waited until today to buy my digital copy of AC Valhalla since I saw some gameplay videos and thought something was off in the combat system.
But, a friend recommended so I gave it a shot.
After 20 minutes of trying it out I can say the following -

1. Being a Hardcore fan of both Odyssey and Origins (spent like 200 hours on Odyssey alone with all DLC), I am extremely disappointed with the gameplay and how polished the game is in regards to graphics glitches/bugs.

2. The combat system is terrible. The combat system in Odyssey is what made me stick with the game for so long (I still play it today).
Valhalla combat system is slow, the movement of the protagonist is lagging (it seems like he takes a second between each strike, it's like stop motion and it's not a console/resource issue, it's just the way the combat system works), animations are terrible and unrealistic, the multi enemy fights are just awful, the AI of the enemies is really bad, there's no fluidity to the combat at all and that's just the gameplay itself. Which brings me to graphics.

3. I am playing the game on a PS4 Pro with a SSD drive.
I have never experienced so many graphical glitches and bugs (movement of the protagonist, disappearing textures, artifacts, floating enemies, strange reflections, snow that just looks like big white circles) in just the initial 20 minutes of gameplay, in any other game, ever.

Since I really liked Origins and since I loved almost everything about Odyssey (even the parts other deemed tedious), I was so excited about the possibility of a similar ride with Valhalla in a new fascinating location. I cannot express how disappointed I was after the first fight in the game.
It plays like a PS3 game with PS4 graphics (spiced with numerous glitches).

I have been a fan of Ubisoft games for many years and bought many titles but I have never felt cheated out of my money until now.
This game looks as if it was rushed out, it's not even close to being a polished game and the combat system is so disappointing.

Hopefully you will consider this feedback and work on fixing it in an update.

The reason I am contacting you is to inquire if I can get the game deleted from my library on the PS and have my money refunded.
I will not be playing this game as I do not enjoy the gameplay at all.
I have only played it for about 20 minutes and since it is not a physical copy, it should be fairly easy to issue a refund and delete the game from the library without too much hassle.
I still would like to try out Watch Dogs Legion which was part of the bundle (109$ for both games) so if I need to add 5$, that's fine.

Thanks in advance,
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Hello sprunknwn2015! Thank you for all of your detailed feedback about many points of the game. I appreciate your comparisons to previous Assassin's Creed games to offer more insight into the mechanics that you dislike in Valhalla. I can certainly pass on your feedback and suggestions to the development team to consider for future improvements to the game! Regarding your refund request, can you let me know if you purchased the game from the Ubisoft store?
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Of course, we aim to reply as soon as we can.

Since you purchased the game from the Playstation store, you will need to reach out to Sony with your refund request. We're unable to provide refunds for games that were purchased elsewhere.
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Sorry for the delayed response, sprunknwn2015.

In future, please ensure that you post in the correct forums for your query. You are currently in the Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Player Support forum. I've now moved your thread to our Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Player Support forum.

At the moment, there is no option to purchase a digital version of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla for PS4 via the Ubisoft Store. We apologise for this inconvenience. You should be able to purchase the digital version via the PlayStation store, though.