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I was not sure where to post this, but given week one is Valhalla, I thought I would just post it here.

Every time I try to do the quiz for the anniversary celebration, I get this message.

Error: Not Found
The requested URL /en-au/game/assassins-creed/15th-anniversary/12-trials was not found on this server.

Is this a my end issue, or are your end issue Ubi???

I tried in Firerfox and Opera GX, both throw the same message up.

20 days ago - UbiSushiVamp - Direct link

@thejagji Hey there! I am sorry to hear that you are unable to access the Twelve week trails. Are you able to access this link to complete the quiz? Please let me know, thanks!

15 days ago - Ubi-Froggard - Direct link

Thanks for confirming that link worked out @thejagji 🙂