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The last werewolf in the oskoria tournament has serveral bugs (happens seperately)

  1. targetting NPC
  2. doesn't spawn/transform
  3. spawn successfully and fight you but doesn't take damage

The activity is not able to complete, have to relaunch the game.

5 months ago - Ubi-DeskLamp - Direct link

Hey there @tonyli0329, sorry to see that you're having issues with the event!

To begin, can you please make sure that you've run through our basic troubleshooting?

If the issues persist after that, please upload a video showing each one to YouTube and then send us a link so we can investigate!

5 months ago - Ubi-SleepyGoat - Direct link

Hey there @tonyli0329

I wanted to check in to see if you are still running into issues with the Oskoreia event tournament fights.

If you are please go ahead and record a short video showing off the issues for us. You can upload the video to YouTube and link me to it in a reply!