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Hello together,

can you please help me.
I think i messed something up and stuck on the River Raid Quest.

I died on the tutorial river raid, and as far as i remember, i returned to the city.
In the meantime i did a lot of other things and im not 100% sure how to:

  • Restart River Raid?
  • Reset River raid Quest?
  • Cancel Quest?

Can you help me to get out of this or how to get back into this raid?

Pictures added for better understanding (and to show you my new sword i bought with opals :))


8 months ago - Ubi-MrM - Direct link

@SirLasseBluten Hi, and welcome to the forum !

I've taken note of your questions as well as the screenshot provided, and I'm sorry to hear that you encountered an Issue with River Raids !

Can you check if the problem still happens after following the advice from @azullFR (thanks for sharing it in this thread by the way !) ?

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions, or for any other Issue !

8 months ago - Ubi-DeskLamp - Direct link

@SirLasseBluten You're very welcome, and I'll be more than happy to forward that feedback to the developers for you!

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