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Hello support,

I'm still having a problem starting the mission ''Strangers bearing gifts".
The issue is that I can't start the mission. Although the character glows green I can't start the mission.
I do want to point out that I already notified you a while ago about this and I still did not get the proper help from you.
I really am annoyed by this because I spent my hard earned money on this expension and after months I still can't play this.

So my question to you is can you please after months of waiting can you help my out please?

25 days ago - Ubi-Peach - Direct link

Hey @Ilajah28012012. Thank you for reaching back out. I was able to locate your original report, and I have reached out to the investigating team to see if we have any updates or if they need any additional information. I know this is super frustrating, but once I have any information, I will be reaching back out to you here.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we look into this!