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Dear Adventurers!

As you may have noticed, there are now 2 new Community Managers around, Shadowbrick and myself.

But how do you manage a community without being able to show off the fanciest and most amazing signature under your posts?

So I thought to myself, I know a lot of talented artists in our community that would be thrilled to get a new challenge. So here we are, continuing the tradition that was started back when Mytherceria joined.

This is the official forum signature contest!

How does it work?:
  • the 2 most awesome and fitting signatures will be used by shadowbrick and myself as a forum signatures
  • there will be 2 winners, whoever submits the favorites will win the contest
  • you are allowed to submit several signatures
  • there will be runner ups at our discretion
  • Create an image that will be used as a signature picture
  • Must be Albion Online themed
  • Must include our respective forum names
  • Resolution of the image must not exceed 800x150 pixels
  • Format must be .png or .jpg
  • Submit your entry in this thread by October 31. 10:00 UTC
  • Bonus points/higher chances if the signature's themes fit our profile pictures

  • The winner will receive 1 vanity mount FROM THE VANITY CASH SHOP of your choosing (only the single ones, not the bundles) & 3 months of premium status
  • Runner-ups will receive 1 month of premium status each

The winners will be chosen by me and Shadowbrick :)

Shadowbrick would explicitly NOT want something pink with teddy bears and hearts ;) (<- I do hope to see some meme entries here)

As per request: here is a visual reference for shadowbricks character in case you want to use it:


I have also prepared some references for mine that you CAN use but you don't have to:


Good luck! May the most crazy/creative/amazing artist win!

PS: a great guide on creating and using forum signatures can be found here: [Guide] The Ultimate Signature Guide! \o/