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Hello, busy Season Point collectors!

There is some good news concerning the requirements for HQ qualification.

The following will apply With Patch 1 of the Lands Awakened Update (Patch 1 will go live approximately 2-3 weeks after the Launch of the actual Lands Awakened Update, specifics will be announced as we approach that date more closely):

With this Patch there will be two major changes to the Headquarters qualification requirements:
  • The Top 600 Season rank requirement is removed
  • A Headquarters can now be declared immediately after the necessary Season Point requirement has been reached
That means that there are now two ways to qualify for HQ placements rights:
  • Your guild qualifies for HQ placement rights in the current Season by achieving the required Season points level in the previous Guild Season. That means that guilds who earned their HQ placement rights during the Energy Surge Season can place down their HQs right away at the start of the next Season.
  • NEW: your guild can also qualify for HQ placement rights in the current Season by achieving the required Season points level in the current Season. That means that once you hit the required points, you can turn a Hideout into an HQ right away, without having to wait for the following Season to start.
The key impact of these changes is that guilds that are active can now progress and be rewarded during a Season that’s already running.

There is no change to Hideout boosters. Those will still only be awarded at the end of a Season and can then be used in the following one. You cannot earn a Hideout Booster while a Season is already running. This also means that the key benefit of the Hideout Booster - allowing for almost instant HQ placement - cannot be earned during a Season.

If you have questions regarding this topic, please go ahead and ask for clarification in this thread.

Season point requirement table for HQ qualification:

Season Point Threshold Max Zone Quality Level Max Zone Tier
200,000 6 8
120,000 5 8
80,000 4 8
40,000 3 7
20,000 3 6
10,000 1 6

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