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Hello good people,

I'd like to report a bug and I hope to find some people who can confirm this specific problem.

I'd like to set my oil tankers to 'wait to unload' at their destination, no other ships can access the oil harbour so I guess it makes perfect sence, you have like an oil storage before your coast.

When a ship is waiting to unload, a train that may or may not be allready on the rail has a specific amount of oil in it. When it returns to the harbour it may not be completely empty (like nearly always). Sometimes I've seen trains with over 700 tonnes of oil return to the harbour. You would expect the amount of oil still in the train would be added by the oil harbour reserves and it happens when the harbour isnt full, like when a ship is waiting to unload.
The amount of oil in the train that exits is the exact amount that is just substracted from the oil tanker that is 'waiting to unload'

Where did the remaining oil from the train that just entered go???? Its GONE

Also the amount of oil in the harbour recieved from oil tankers while the train is away is a problem. becouse when it returns while the harbour has less space left than what is remaining in the train will be gone!

I might have lost millions of tonnes of oil to this.
Can this be confirmed by someone?

thank you.

Possible solution:
Add the total amount of reserves of all the trains currently driving around to the oil storage in the harbour.

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Hey @GoodGuy82 ,

Thank you for reaching out to us with this!

Would it be possible to please capture and share a video demonstrating the behaviour you've documented?

This will allow us to take a closer look as well as have the team look into this too should it need raising.

Much appreciated!