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From less than 2,000 people here three years ago, there are now more than 30,000 Annoholics on this sub.

Here's to another year of Anno and Season 3! 🎉

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What a perfect way to start what should hopefully be another great year for Anno 1800! Thanks to the mods for their hard work, and to everyone in the community for making this one of the friendliest, most constructive places to discuss Anno on the web. It has always been a pleasure being your guest on here!

Looking forward to some great things together in 2021 :)

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Originally posted by HaynBryn

I bought the 1800 Complete Edition a week ago with the 50% sale along with Ubisoft Club Points discount after I finished AC: Valhalla and I already have 85 hours in. I got way too addicted to it. Soundtrack is phenomenal as well!

Welcome to the community :)