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Seriously I'm getting so frustrated at this nonsense from Ubisoft, just not fun to play with all these bugs that break the game.
Arctic Depots, Arctic Piers, Bridges, Hospitals, Police Stations, Fire Stations, Farm Fields, Trader Harbors, Angereb, and likely many other buildings are all bugged.
Its all about the

Arctic Depots, Arctic Piers are set as "IslandBuilding", meaning they can not be attacked, causing you to never be able to conquer that island since morale will not drop enough because you cannot destroy these buildings.
Bridges are set as "Ship", meaning they can be attacked, causing that bug where you get a message about a destroyed building and then pointing to the bridge, which is still alive.
Hospitals, Police Stations, Fire Stations are set at "HarbourBuilding", meaning they can be attacked, causing AI ships to get stuck on shores trying to get to them.
Farm Fields are likely also set as "Ship" since AI constantly shoots them.
Trader Harbors are also getting destroyed by pirates!
Angereb Harbor is also getting destroyed by AIs!

And when is Ubisoft finally going to admit they totally bugged out pirate ship behavior? its like they are totally ignoring it.
Pirate ships do nothing anymore, they just move from point A to point B all the time and that's it.

But don't worry, China Garden DLC is almost ready, open your wallet and give them some more cash when the rest of the game is bugging out to the point of being unplayable.

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Hey there @IIAc3sII

It looks like we've already collected this information in another thread, last month. I'm going to add the additional information you have added here to our report on the issue!