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Is there a way to remove quest timers, or a on/off toggle? Many of these timed quests just stress you out, Anno is a game where you already have a lot to think about at any given time, and the quests are very interesting and a pity to miss. So I was wondering if there was a way to let us have our quests and choose how long it takes us to do it. Or, leave the timers only for repeatable quests, such as destroy, deliver, sneak etc. There was a DLC quest called The Thing in the Arctic which I missed and I do not think it is repeatable. I am sure there are more of us who prefer a slow paced, do-stuff-when-and-how-you-want-to type of game, so this kind of toggle would help us out, but not ruin it for people who prefer it as it is.


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@wulle92 Hey! Thank you for getting in touch with your query about quest timers. I am afraid that there is no way to turn the timers off.

I am happy however to pass this suggestion on to the game team.

If you need anything else please get back in touch.

Thank you.