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Still, no answer to this yet. Despite the fact that the internet outside Reddit is hot with complaints
!I Still have issues with the game slowing down and sound glitching after 2 hours of gameplay
My system
AMD 5800X
Asus 3080ti Tuf
32 GIGs DDR4 Ram GSkill 3600mhz

Anno 1800 medium to high settings 1440p

First image shows memory usage in idle. just browsing on the internet

Second image shows at around the start of Anno 1800

Third image shows memory usage at around two and a half hours of gameplay

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Hi there @darrentemp1! Thanks for reaching out, I apologize for the delay in response.

Thank you for those screenshots, they are really helpful in understanding what's going on. Question for you, what is the run time for your CPU? You can check this by clicking CPU in task manager, it will show at the bottom. If it's high, I recommend restarting your PC to reset the run time to 0. Shutting down your PC or setting it to sleep will not do this, you need to restart.

Also, does this occur within all save files, or just one? Do you have a fresh game you can test this issue with?