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There was a new driver 461.92 released today. I or someone else should report back if there has been any progress on the issue with this release when they get the time.

EDIT: Anno 1800 is not mentioned in either the issues or fixes section of the release notes.
Ubisoft can you please get Nvidia to acknowledge this if you believe the solution needs to come from their end?
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Thank you everyone for contributing to this thread. I have renamed the title to address that this is happening to players using the 461.92 update.

In order for us to report this to our QA team to test, could some of you please submit your DXDIAG, MSINFO and save files for us to be able to investigate this further?

Please log into our support website here - https://support.ubisoft.com/en-GB/Cases/New

This will take you to a new case creation page with a text box, where you can specify which game and platform you are playing, as well as what issues you have experienced with the new Nvidia update such as lag.

- Next, select the 'Add' Files button
- Add the requested files (if you compress the file please make sure this is a .zip file and under 5mb)
- Select 'Submit My Case' to submit your support case

Here is a guide on how to generate the system files we need, as well as the save location -

DXDIAG - https://ubi.li/msrxL
MSINFO - https://ubi.li/lmiCE
Save files - %userprofile%\Documents\Anno 1800\accounts

Once we have created a support case, please post the case number in this thread, then we can upload these files to our investigation without delay, thank you.
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You are very welcome, Sir.Sriracha and thank you for those extra details.

When you are able to, please post your case number in the thread, it should usually be 8 digits long. When I have this number, I will be able to gather your files and open an investigation into this with QA, thank you very much for your help.
25 days ago - Ubi-Thorlof - Direct link
Just adding this here, too:
If you have issues attaching savegames to your ticket, you can upload the files on a hosting website and simply send the link.

Thank you for the already provided info!

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