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My August Sirs,
Since my last update of Anno 1800 I have been able to consistently crash the game in the Trade Routes screen.
The procedure is as follows:
While creating a new trade route in the Trade Routes screen;
and selecting a new ship for the trade route;
and using the pull-down menu to filter the ships being selected;
and select the bottom option ( Old World, New World etc);
results in a crash to the desktop and brings up the Crash Report window,
Working around problem by restarting the game. So far no large loss of data.
I have 50 or more ships on trade routes running to 4 different regions.
I play on Windows 10 which is automatically updated. I have a newer graphics card which I am running at highest game settings.

Regards - Jack Noir COH

18 days ago - Ubi-WheelyDuck - Direct link

Hey @jack_noir_coh,

Sorry to hear that you are encountering this crash and are needing to restart the game.

If you haven't already then I would recommend completing the steps in our pc troubleshooting guide in full. These steps will help ensure your device is configured for the game.

Any trouble, just let us know as we are happy to help.