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This bug has been reported before, as part of the discussion https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/149218/consumption-penalty-due-to-lack-of-schnapps-in-the-new-world/12?lang=en-US. However, I never saw this particular manifestation of the problem specifically mentioned on the Trello board, so it wasn't clear if it got resolved at the same time as the Lifestyle Needs and/or No Schnapps problem.

I just got the report of "Still No Market" in a new game that I started on Monday. The island in question has one marketplace that is surrounded by Journalero housing. It also has a Hacienda which is surrounded by Obrero housing. As you can see from the composite screen shot below, the Marketplace reports all goods are at 100%.

The housing reports that all Needs and Happiness Goods are at 100% for both population tiers, as composite screenshot below

EDIT at 19:17 GMT. I have provided a save file on a support ticket that I just raised.

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Hey there @Asterix201252

This is an issue we had under investigation, and is considered a separate issue from the No Schnapps problem. I'm going to go ahead and add your save file and user info to our investigation!