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Right now, the only thing the AI drops airbombs on is harbor defenses, this makes the addition of Flak Monitors completely useless to have them with your fleet of ships because the AI will never even airbomb on your ships.
-So why is the Flak Monitor even in the game then?
-Is the only true purpose of the Flak Monitor to be used as a stationary turret at harbor?
-Don't we have Flak Emplacements for this purpose?

So please add the ability for AIs to also airbomb enemy WarShips, the player can do it, we have Flak Monitors that are "supposed" to protect our fleet of ships, so why isnt the AI bombing ships then?
Makes no sense, seems just unfinished mechanics that were never integrated with each other.
Not to mention its completely boring to have the AI only airbomb on the same harbors over and over again, I can almost set a timer and predict when and where the AI will drop bombs, there's no randomness or strategy to it.

(I even looked all around in the assets, templates and properties.xml files and there is nothing about a list of targets that says what the AI will airbomb, with Warships we get an entire list and modders can even change what Warships will target, but for Airships that drop bombs there is literally nothing... )

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Thanks for sharing your feedback and suggestions on this too. I'll forward this on to the dev team.