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On the 19/11/2020 Ubisoft announcement season 3 pass, but haven't said it would be the last season pass for Anno 1800,

We should expand this time on Princess Qing's storyline, after all she is an Ambassador from the imperial East, I hope we might expect a new Asia world DLC with new advancements and trade, it would be interesting to see how powerful and influential Princess Qing in her home land and what conflicts to this foreign land might bring to the Anno game, I added my own image for Season 4 pass but left out two more DLC's to be added from other members ideals and opinions.

Here is some 3D models for the Imperial East

What I would like to see is an City Beach DLC in season 4 pass in my opinion.

Most of use love the Holiday packs like Christmas, but what is missing is Halloween & Chinatown packs

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Hey again, @aorus2017 - thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

Alas, I cannot pin the thread. If folks wish to engage with your ideas, they're able to do so in the usual way. I really appreciate your passion, though 🙂