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Yesterday i bought the season 4 pass on Steam. When opening the game, Ubisoft Connect did not prompted the usual message of "New DLC added". Now when opening the game i have all my previous DLC but no the new ones.

I then bought another DLC thinking that maybe that will trigger the message/recognition but it was the same case, not being located/added to my account.

I contacted Ubisoft Support but they keep making me run the troubleshooting guide when it clearly its completely unrelated to me problem (Making me update windows, my drivers, etc)
Here are all the steps i conducted just in case (i did the troubleshooting guide just in case):

  • Unlinking my Steam account and Re-linking it again
  • Verify file integrity on Steam
  • Activating and deactivating the DLCs on Steam
  • Run the game as admin
  • Reinstall the game (4 times)
  • Reinstall Ubisoft Connect
  • Update my PC drivers
  • Restart my PC

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Hey there @Kasheon

I apologize for the delay in our reply.

Sorry to hear that the season pass you purchased for Anno 1800 on Steam isn't appearing for you.

Thank you for providing all the information on what you have tried so far and also for the screenshots, I appreciate that.

I've had a look at the case you mentioned, and would like to ask you to please upload a full-screen screenshot of the transaction history where the purchase is visible to that case.
(If this was a gifted game, then this would need to come from the licence and activations page on your account).

Troubleshooting is something we always recommend as a good foundation for technical issues, although I apologize if it might not seem like it.

If you have any more questions in the meantime, let me know!

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