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I was reading the Anno Union update today, and was pleased to see that there is a plan for Game Update 17 to address outstanding bugs. While this is great, it appears that it may be limited to the bugs acknowledged on the Trello board. There are a number of major issues and bugs, some of which go as far back as GU11, that are not mentioned on the Trello board and presumably, therefore, are not being addressed. In my opinion, some these have a major impact on gameplay. These also need addressing as part of GU 17.

There are several issues with mail.
1.      The balance is wrong. The amount that can be produced in the New World falls far short of what is consumed on Crown Falls as Overseas Mail.
2.      All mail is always automatically offloaded as soon as it gets to the first destination. You should be able to use one airship for multiple destinations.
3.      You should be able to set a minimum stock level for mail the same as any other goods.

Goods Distribution
The problem is that goods delivery carts can travel too far or that there are not enough carts (or both) for production units when operating at high boosts. They walk past destinations, go a very long way to a different one and can’t get back for the next load, thereby losing production.

Pier Selection
There is a similar problem with piers, in that ships go to a pier with a slow Loading Speed while there is one with a much higher speed close by.

Orchard Items
There are Trade Union items for Orchards that reduce Forest Density, giving the same total improvement as similar items for Lumberjacks. A layout that allows full production rate for 20 tightly packed Lumberjacks, should provide maximum production for Orchards. However, the maximum number of orchards that I can get in that area is 12. Being able to get only 60% of the expected density for orchards is a big problem.

Ship Hold Overflow
There is an issue on trade routes that carry different goods in each direction whereby goods can overflow into the wrong hold, thus blocking it to the goods specified in the trade route selections.

Faulty Newspaper Articles
Although the faulty No Schnapps articles are noted on the Trello board for fixing, the similar faulty No Market and Power Cuts articles are not. These are still happening.

Let me know if some of these aren't specific enough and I'll give you links to the original threads.

Please don't rush to get Game Update 17 out. I believe that many of the current bugs are because earlier updates, back as far as 11, have been rushed. If this is our last chance to get things resolved, and rather wait an extra two months and actually get them fixed.

EDIT: 03 Feb 11:12 UTC
I have raised a new topic, https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/187086/problems-with-orchards, with more details of the "Goods Distribution" and "Orchard Items" issue.

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I already replied to your other thread about the orchards issue, but please can you have a separate thread for each issue you wish to report, and provide any screenshots or video to accompany them so we can report them to the dev team.

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Hey @Asterix201252

Ah, no worries. Thanks for letting me know. If we've already acknowledged them and said we've passed on the information to the dev team, then it's in their hands and we can't promise a date (or patch number) for any specific fixes or changes on the forums until we have the patch notes from them just before one releases.

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Hey @Asterix201252

The Trello board isn't managed by us (the support team) so not everything is listed on there. We have got them on our own bug reporter tool that only we, the dev team and QA can see.

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No worries @Asterix201252 🙂