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I got Anno 1800 two months ago. As of right now I have bought all the DLCs except of "The Anarchist" and "Land of the Lions". My problem is that as the game progresses and as I reach higher citizen stages, normal quest by citizens or NPC will not be triggered, no matter what you do. You may now think: "Well, that might be quite annoying, but later on these quests aren't useful either way." But the problem goes even further. The main quests, like the first tourism-quest get triggered, but as I complete them, the questlines just stop. It happened several times now, that quests did either not even trigger at all (like the "The Passage - Quest" = there was no way for me to get to the Arctic, because neither the quest, nor the expedition trigger) or just stopped halfway through. In addition I can't place the Botanical Garden as well as the Palace. The Botanical Garden just can't be seen when it should normally be pulled on the land and the palace, however, is locked the whole game. There's just a lock all the time and below it it's saying: "Needed requirements". Normally there I should be able to read what's missing to unlock it, but I can't because there's literally nothing. Most of the time all of this happens when I reach Engineers and some when I reach Investors (nothing happens whatever I do. Even reaching skyscrapers did nothing). It's quite annoying knowing, that you're missing out on so many quests AND because I'm pretty new to the game, it would also have been an amazing guide to help me. I hope someone will be able to help me fix this issue. Screenshots or shorter Clips can also be given, just tell me in advance what you want to see.

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Hi @ruedigercech! I'm sorry to hear you're running into issues with progression in Anno 1800.

Have you always played on this same save file? If not, do the same issues appear on an alternate save?

I think it would also be useful to see a list of your current active quests. Are you only missing the quests mentioned in this post? If not, could you list all of the missing quests that you've noticed?