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The short 1-3 min time limit for the main quest in High life DLC is unnecessary.

Anno is a strategy and beauty building game. It takes time for new skyscrapers to fill up and the new production chains to catch up with the demand. It, therefore, takes a lot of waiting time in which the players can step out to grab a drink or do some other work. With a time limit of fewer than 3 minutes, I ended up missing one of Miss Jenny's quests. The worst part is, I had no idea I missed it. otherwise, I would have restarted the saved game. There were no notifications either that I missed a quest. I did all the miss jenny quests that I saw. Way later when the sky tower was about to be completed (might I add, after having to overcome the logistics of maintaining 75 level-5 skyscrapers and all their demands), I find out that I cannot select the third option of "500 attractiveness and reduced ......" because I apparently didn't help Miss Jenny.

This is absolute nonsense. The main quest should never have such a small time limit. It took me so long to get here, and now you want me to go back and do it all again just cause I was away from the computer for few minutes while the skyscrapers filled up?. This is extremely disappointing. you should introduce some new quests to gain back that option, and increase the time limit at least for new players. 😕

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Hey @tridib96,

Sorry to hear that you missed 1 of the Miss Jenny quests!

Your feedback on the time limit are very useful as they help us understand exactly what players would like to see.

If there is anything else we can help with just let us know