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As the title says, for about the past two years I have had zero issues with running ANNO 1800 on my system. I was gone for the first month and a half of this year and just updated to the newest version of Anno 1800 on Ubisoft and NVIDIA 461.92.

Prior to these updates I could play for hours and hours and hours without any performance issues what-so-ever. Now I have issues loading the menu screen!

Previously I played in all high settings and I have tried to fix this issue by choosing lower settings but with no luck.

Please help me find a way to fix this issue.... Or fix the game? As it stands this game is completely unplayable...

I also noticed that where I used to be given an option in what DirectX version I wanted to play in it's not just a "play" button....

My Rig:
Windows 7
DirectX 11
Intel I7 4790K
ASUS GTX 980 Strix
16 Gigs of memory
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Hello EODean95C, thanks for posting about the issues you have faced in game relating in coincidence with your GPU driver update.

To start ruling things out, could you also please update your Windows OS version to the latest update, I believe the last update was March 15th and 18th for some users.

Occasionally, there will also be a DirectX version update that will not be updated via Windows update and you may need to do this manually.

Would you please follow the instructions listed in this thread then test the game, then we can begin to discover if this has been caused by the GPU update or something else - https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthrea...with-DirectX12

Let me know how you get on after trying these steps?

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Hello everyone, I am creating this sticky post to help players who are unable to use DIrectX12 when playing the game. For most of these players the game will run correctly if you use DIrectX11. If you you are experiencing issues with DirectX12 crashes, or the game not launching at all, there are some things you can do to fix this - Occasionally your Windows 10 OS will not update its DirectX versions automatically and you will have to force an update your self.