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I recently bought Anno 1800 on Steam platform. After that I bought 5 DLCs (on steam platform), however two of them are not activated once i lunch a game.

DLCs which are not activated:
- Bright Harvest
- Seat of Power

Rest of DLCs are fine and are visible in the game.

What I did to fix the issue:
- Reinstall Anno 1800
- Reinstall Ubisoft Store
- Verify local files on steam
- Clean cache on steam
- I tried to create new account on Ubisoft Store and link that account to my steam account - suprise, when activating game DLC was listed to being activated, but then Ubisoft reject me, because game was assigned to different account.

What's going on?

PS. I already created ticket for Ubisoft - but for two weeks it is without any response.

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Hey there @xDD_PL , thanks so much for getting in touch about this. I'm sorry to hear you aren't seeing these two DLCs in game - that's really unusual!

There could be a few different reasons for this. For example, some of the DLCs could be linked to a different Ubisoft Connect account. Or, some of the content might still be installing, as as such not visible in-game yet.

It's great to hear you've already reached out to our team - this is the best way to resolve this issue, as they'll be able to take a closer look at your account to see what's happening. I'm sorry they hadn't got back to you. I hope they have by now, but if not, I'm very confident that they'll be doing everything possible to respond as soon as they can.

Please let me know if you've any further thoughts or questions about this!

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