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First of all. I don't have any dlc's on my Anno and neither my friend has.
We've played 2 player coop and yesterday suddenly my friend told me that he found 3rd region.
We of course were confused and we were thinking the reasons why we haven't encountered this before since we both have ~100 hours on Anno.

Today morning we tried to continue our game but now our save game is complaining "Following additional content is missing Sunken Treasures".

- Well of course its missing. But does this mean that we will receive free season pass from ubisoft ( ) or is there some other way to fix this ?
- OR is this some sort of conspiracy to make players buy dlc :3

Pictures from save game will be provided if requested.
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Hello Sappiracco,

Welcome to the forums! DLC is never required for you to play the base game. The notification was there to make players aware the content was just made available, but you can simply close it out and it should not bother you again.

I hope that you enjoy Sunken Treasures!
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Hey there everyone,

Thanks for reaching out. If you are experiencing this, please reach out to our Support Team directly so they can investigate this issue.
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Originally Posted by Cendas87
I have exactly the same problem. After one month not playing this game I am unable to continue in my saved games, DLC sunken treasure is required...
Hello Cendas87,

Welcome to the forums! Please reach out to our Support Team so they can look into this for you.
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Originally Posted by Tugadrmaz

I did bought sunken tresure DLC but it didnt work on my PC and i did ruturn the DLC. But my save doesnt working now. Missing DLC error. How can i fix that? I did finished campaign in this save. It is very important for me. Plesae save my save.
If you have a savegame in which any DLC are activated (in this case you seem to have activated "Sunken Treasures" in this savegame at some point), it can't be played if you have (for whatever reason) not access to the DLC anymore (same scenario: you send your savegame to someone who doesn't have any DLC).
You can only continue playing this savegame when you own the related DLC.

You should be able to load a savegame from before you activated the DLC.

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