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as you may notice in the attached picture I use several mods for faster "nice building", so perhaps there is a conflict between these mods. However, maybe somebody knows the problem and has a suggestion what to do. Or maybe I miss a precondition, even that none is mentioned in the UI.
I'm not able to build a pearl fishing (I use the german version, don't know the english terms). I tried all options: the island provides pearls, the island provides pearls plus "seads" in the harbours office, and at last (see image) the island does not provide pearls plus "seads" in the office.
Any suggestions?

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@ZilboMumberthrx Hey! As advised by @Asterix201252 we are investigating this already.

There is currently no workaround but our team is currently looking into that issue.

Please keep an eye on the forums and the Anno Union ( https://www.anno-union.com/en/ ) for all future updates and patch notes.

Thank you.