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Hello friends,
first at all I would like to say how great this game and those who are behind it are! I do really like it :).

So that was the nice part and now lets get a little bit deeper,

As many guys on this furum I do have same problem with the game. Downloading those 450+/- Mb and whole interface even the warning for epilepsy at the start were without text and main screen without some objects like dlcs icons. So I closed the game and verified it.
After that I clicked on play again. It downloaded something like: "DirectX end user 2/4..." . Then the game was like normal, interface ok, icons were back except the High Life icon which was grey (even I own the 3rd DLC) and only obtainable by buy it separetly which I refused.
All Anno 1800 news are white with red triangle in middle and with yellow text: "news feed failed to load" (this happened some time ago and it is still there).

So there is nothing else to download to get back (not those 2Gb and/or to do that spin 450+/- Mb and then 2GB again, nothing). So yesterdays 11 hour session when I kept an eye on each tree and ornament and on reputation with Lady Margaret ( 🙂 ) are gone which is slightly demoralizing.

Wish you best of luck in future work, pardon my english and hope you will solve this unlucky situation.

Kind regards,

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Hey guys,

Sorry to hear that you encounter this.

I can confirm that we are currently investigating this for a permanent solution.

At this moment however I would recommend to restart Ubisoft Connect and verify your game files until you receive the 2GB update.

Many thanks for your patience

14 days ago - Ubi-WheelyDuck - Direct link

Hey @munasef1,

Thank you for your update and for sharing what helped you.

If ever we can help in the future just let us know