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I recently bought Anno 1800 on Steam platform. After that I bought 5 DLCs (on steam platform), however two of them are not activated once i lunch a game.

DLCs which are not activated:
- Bright Harvest
- Seat of Power

Rest of DLCs are fine and are visible in the game.

What I did to fix the issue:
- Reinstall Anno 1800
- Reinstall Ubisoft Store
- Verify local files on steam
- Clean cache on steam
- I tried to create new account on Ubisoft Store and link that account to my steam account - suprise, when activating game DLC was listed to being activated, but then Ubisoft reject me, because game was assigned to different account.

What's going on?

PS. I created a ticket - but for two weeks it is withour any response.

about 1 year ago - Ubi-Thrupney - Direct link

Hey @nikki20194 , thanks very much for reaching out! Sorry to hear you're having a similar issue with DLCs not being recognised.

Can you clarify for me where you'd purchased the base game, and where you've purchased the DLCs? Please note that the base game and the DLCs need to be on the same launcher for them to be recognised - it unfortunately doesn't work to mix and match. If you've purchased the DLC and base game on the same platform, and found them to still not be recognised, please reach out to our support team directly so that we can have a closer look at your account to see what's happening.

Open a support ticket with Ubisoft Help
Send a Twitter DM to Ubisoft Support
Send a Facebook PM to Ubisoft Support

Let me know if I can clarify this at all!