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It seems that some new update has introduced a new bug in Eden Burning, where I cannot use oil refineries any more, as the refinery doesn't allow building any oil wells around it. The building instead now expects "cultivation area" like, for example, the lumberjack's hut does, which of course doesn't work. Luckily tractors aren't needed (though could be useful) to beat this scenario, but would be still nice it not being broken.

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Heya @Synchronos357 , thanks very much for sending across this screenshot, your save file, and your explanation of the issue! All very understandable, and I've passed everything over mostly verbatim for our teams to look into. Many thanks to @Asterix201252 and @welli154 for your reports of this as well, I really appreciate it 🙂

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@Synchronos357 Oh, whoops! I'd missed that from the patch notes. Thanks for pointing that out - you're a star ✨