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Hallo, habe folgende Fehlermeldung beim Starten von Anno 1800 über Steam:

Bei der Authentifizierung des Produkteigentums ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Bitte
kontaktiere unseren Kundenservice, falls du Hilfe bei der Lösung dieses Problems benötigst.

Ich bin über das richtige Ubisoftkonto angemeldet. Anno 1800 wird auch in der Bibliothek angezeigt.

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Hello @OFDM740!

Apologies for my delay but please note you've posted this on the English forums, so could I have you translate your post if you're okay with receiving responses in English here?

We do also have some other language options that can be located at the bottom right of the page. Just click on "English" to see a drop-down menu and this will take you to the other language forums we have support available on. 

You're also more than welcome to start a support case with us and a member of your regional team will be able to assist further. I'm sorry for any frustration or inconvenience this causes you!