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In a Multiplayer game as well as in a Singleplayer game during the last 2 weeks from know a bug accured multiple times.
When i attack an enemy island and the moral goes down so that the island population surrenders you can chose to overtake the island or just take all the seats.
However when i clicked overtake/conquer it would not do so instead i got all the seats.
It was not possible for me to conquer an island. What fixed the issues was saving/restarten/and loading the file.
This is very wired and time consuming and i hope this gets addressed.

3 months ago - Ubi-LadyBlue - Direct link

Hey there @ChiliBomaye,

I'm sorry this bug created such a frustrating experience for you but thank you for getting it reported.

After you fixed the issue on your own, has it occurred anymore? If so, could you grab us a short image or video clip showcasing the issue?