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Game version: 16.1.1202360

The workforce reduction effect for some items is not being calculated correctly. I suspect this is caused by GU 16.1 which changed some items to affect new world buildings as well.

The ones I've noticed so far (this is not an exhaustive list): 

Former Pyrphorian Whizz
Bechamel Converter

Example 1: Oil Power Plant / Former Pyrphorian Whizz

An Old World Oil Power Plant requires 150 engineers. The Former Pyrphorian Whizz provides an 80% workforce reduction. With this item equipped, the workforce needed for the power plant should be exactly 30 (no rounding needed here). From the screenshot below, it shows 29.

Example 2: Steelworks / Bechamel Converter

The Steelworks requires 200 workers.
The following items are equipped: 

Bechamel Converter (Workforce Needed: -50%)
Lord Footprint's Gargantuan Smokestack Act (No workforce reduction)
Feras (Workforce Needed: -10%)

Total workforce reduction = 60%.
The final workforce needed should be 200 * (1 - 0.6) = 80.
From the screenshot below, it shows 79.

Thank you.

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Hey @toomanyuserids

Thanks for reporting this and providing screenshots. I'll forward it over to the dev team to look into this further.