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The issue took place 3 times so far.

After a game session ~1-2h, I finish the session.
Then after some time I try to continue to the game by pressing Continue, not "load the game". The game would load me to the world in which you start the campaign (It is the place where you go dynamite fishing). When I switch to the old world the map is completely in fog (other worlds unavailable). On minimap I see that it is not the world from my last save, even the player avatar is different.
When I try to load the auto/manual saves from last ~30min of pervious day finished session - you just press load game and it does nothing.
When I try to load more old saves - everything works.
PC: Win10 x64; i7-8700k; rtx2080; 32gb RAM; game on SSD; Dx11
Playing shingle player campaign. Campaign was started with season 1&2 DLCs, after purchasing season 3, I opted to add those to the campaign.
Last 30 minutes which I cant load any game I was mostly in Land of lions doing the quests.
Self troubleshooting: game files have been verified, all good

SCREENSHOTS https://imgur.com/a/H4Nvd6p

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Hi there, @NODE_12_LTS! Apologies for the delay in response, is this issue still occurring?

Just to clarify, is this happening on only one of your saves or all of them? Also, is this a save that is syncing to the cloud, or are you saving locally?