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The pirates aren't interactable in my savegame neither in the old nor in the new world.
Both return with their 3 monitors (screenshots attached), but they dont repair their bases, can't be traded with and aren't interactable in the diplomacy menu (screenshot also attached).

I can destroy the ships and they will return but with no different result.

I think this bug started when Jean La Fortune returned one time: I always had big line ships stationed at his island to immediately destroy his ships, but that time i decided to offer him a peace treaty and start trading with him - unfortunately i did that in the exact same second whe one of my last line ship sunk his last monitor. I simply hoped there wouldn't be consequences and he will just return in a bit, but since then i'm having this bug.

about 2 months ago - Ubi-Froggard - Direct link

Hey @Coleman_1

Still having an issue with not be able to interact with them?

If so, could you create a support ticket and attach a copy of your save file to it so we can forward it on to the dev team?