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In Anno 1800, DLC can be enabled or disabled when starting a multiplayer game. However, this only applies to DLC content regarding buildings and/or new regions.

Decoration items can still be placed and, upon placing a dlc decoration that someone does not own, the game will desync or the save will be corrupted.

I would like to know why it is not possible to disable decoration packs like other DLC when starting a game, and why I am allowed to place them when my friends don't have them and this kills the game. If it is not a known issue, I hope it is now.

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CDLC don't have an enable/disable option since having them in a multiplayer game is not a problem, in contrast to DLC that add new features or regions.

Of course, should there currently be an issue with this system that results in desyncs when CDLC content is used, that would be a bug we would need to investigate.

We'll try to reproduce the behaviour on our end. Is it happening every time you use CDLC content and does it affect any kind of ornament/skin?

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