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Hello, I've been playing Anno 1800 since initial release. My wife and I booted it back up for a multiplayer session and we're both getting the LR05 error. We have not changed ISP, modem/router, computer or connection. I've yet to find anything online about what error LR05 actually means. Can anyone tell me anything other than its "connectivity related" and the cookie cutter try doing x,y,z that has been there since the game released? Looking on Reddit, there is another person having the exact same issue - posted today.

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Hey @gokey27 , sorry to hear you were having this error when trying to play multiplayer. It isn't one I've come across before myself, but it's great that you've already found a solution. Thanks very much for coming back and relaying it to us - that'll be most helpful for other players running into the same issue.

Indeed, many of these steps are covered in our troubleshooting guide (not the connectivity one), so we'd certainly recommend the rest of the steps in there too!

I hope you and your wife have a good time in the 1800s, Gokey 😎